Sunday, February 27, 2011

21st Aug' 2005
(In remembrance of the sad phase....that's now a lifetime away)

Mother, mother
I'm no more
I ran
from you,
your eyes,
your voices in my head...
I ran
from your shadow
shadowing me
I ran from
your life,
my death.
shadows have a way
of catching up
from the front
when you look back
Mommy knows best
all think
but cannot see
the woman in her,
in me
the fire inside
solid rock
the serpents
under porous glass
the love, the hate,
the tricks, the trade
Wishes cannot unjumble
the lost words
Wishes cannot untangle
time from the cobwebs
spun by hearts of gold
and sticky intent.
In those
you forgot to live,
to be, to hear
or to break free
from the travails
of a captured soul
by that man
you called hon
and in incongruous hate
passed them all
to your son!
Oh, you mummified lot
as the corpse begins
to rot
your heart still bleeds
through hollow eyes
and murky tears
haunt the world
that you mollified
with your purpose.
love me
but leave me
and go to
where you belong
we will survive
in your virtual absence
make it real
leave me
for your sake
and put
the barking dogs to sleep
And let me be
I'll find a way
to live!


8th Nov' 2002

Seek me,
my lovely muse
seep into
my eager hope
charm it
with a secret spell
and make it
want to live enthused.
Let grow
upon its land austere
the sapling
of a buried thought
fence it
from the brutal rage
that grips
a battling heart-shaped spear.
Don't feed it
nurse it
potions blind
else turn the soil
foul and soot,
lest grubby words
and needless weeds
foray into the
robust root.
Then sunshine,rain,
and weather stern
of lauding and rejection
will lead it
to the glowing skies
of polish and perfection!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shakespeare is dead

The man slept with his slippers under his head. Probably had had an experience earlier when during his sleep, someone had run away with them. The flies, the dirt, even the occasional rumbling of the auto-rickshaw, or the harried sounds of a busy street did-not disrupt his slumber. But, he was going to wake up in a way he had never woken up before. Just that he did-not know it yet. The flies buzzed around his scruffy head in non-geometric circles, creating an aural halo around. His hand stirred, slumped and then , stirred again. But he was going to wake up in a way that he had never woken before. Just that he did not know it yet. It had been a peaceful night as compared to the day, with the mosquitoes feasting quietly on him and leaving, without making a fuss. It had been a late night at work and sleep had come at a premium, after much haggling with the demons of the day.

The clouds were dripping wet. Inside, Shaan squatted, balancing precariously on the tips of his toes as he leaned away from the bright green umbrella, peering at the first row of books from the bottom. And then they came crashing down. The rain and thunder in a badly orchestrated mix, pounded at the glass window next to him, threatening to break in....(to be continued)

My never failing friends are they...

"Go to heaven for the climate..
hell for the company"
when i heard them silly-say,
dallied along the milky-way
nor here nay there
the heart did sway
looking aloft the gardens green
vices black in joyous sheen,
then asking for an answer, pray
settled in the lat'tude mid,
with a good ol' book to read!