Monday, January 21, 2013


Wake me...

wake me when the Sun
in your eyes
goes down

Wake me
in the twilight
of your summer dreams
and chase
the crack of dawn
to a new newness

Bring me
to this world
with labouring hope
when the golden dust
of half-lived years
settles on your face

Push me
through the nettled web
of rose-lit night
and moon-struck day
it's not too late
to cultivate...

Hold me
at your finger tips
and let the furrows
in the golden dust
fill up with
your candescent smile
it's not too late...

I rest,
in you
the seed of life
of liquid threads that bind
your past
to my future

Ignite me
in your womb, and
let me
show you the way
and be

your glowworm...
your unborn...


  1. Love your poems maami! :)
    I showed it to mom as well and she loved it too..
    I love the way you have described desire and throughout the poem, it kept me eagerly waiting to see what is it that you have written about. The way you describe everything and the play of words really inspire me


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