Sunday, January 20, 2013

Today I walked on Autumn Leaves

the morning was different from night
there was light
as the Sun became the Sun
and the dove’s flight
had wings of courage!

the morning was different from night
as the kettle whistled a happy tune
and the song of the bird
on the neighbour’s window
was far from cacophony
yes, there was light
inside and outside.

the breeze
wanted an identity
bigger than the wind
a name more memorable
a life more forceful
a turn…more eventful
and was thus,
softer, lighter, gentler!

there was music
in horns and the hawker’s call
there was endearment
in the baby’s cries
heard through the fall
of the pestle on the mortar

No clamour
in rushing, shuffling feet
I heard stillness
in the chase of thoughts.. I stood
under Kailashpati,
clad in the motley foliage
of that flowering tree
I saw myself
in love..
in pity..
in spirituality/madness,
..or senility!
Whatever it was… was surreal
In being just real!

The past left me
like the last breath of an aching life,
makes a sighing exit.
The leaves gathered around me,
falling, gliding and then resting
in that very moment
that I let go
of the future
from my eyes.

That moment
the Sun, the Breeze, the Flight
touched me
and I touched in quiescence
my moment ground
with crunching lightness
as I walked
on autumn leaves

I found my moment ground
as I walked on autumn leaves!

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