Friday, March 8, 2013

If hope doesn't...

If hope
doesn't find me
and hides from me
self, and
the reason of betrayal
I'll not
give it up
by giving up on it.

If hope
doesn't explain
the reason why
it is necessary
for it to live
only in voids
left by nonfulfillment
I'll give its place
to solace
ill-gotten from
wide-eyed prayer,
the next best thing.

If hope
finds pleasure
in playing snakes and ladders
so be it
let the dice roll
time, like a rat gets eaten
but the game never ends.

I'll roll
too, with
desires unfulfilled
and turn them into snakes
of poisonous longing
till the floor plan changes
and each ladder
then, leads to
the point of hopeless no-return.


  1. Good One...Life ends when Hope Ends...Great Blogger u are...

    1. Thank you! Life sure is a tipsy ride; and so is blogging :)


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