Monday, March 4, 2013

Kinetic Stupor

Stillness is an oxymoron in Science. In each still object, there jive many electrons in their crazy orbits, flying around , zipping past each other. Do they have a purpose? Is their galactic frenzy, the reason behind the still form of a stone. Can those electrons ever conspire to alter their orbits and make the stone levitate? What if they were driven to push the protons out of their comfort zone and take their place instead? Would the stone still exist and be tangible, and still? The atom is a microcosm of the Universe. The Earth is one such particle that aspired. The Universe is merely an atom in the Space-Time plane, that still hasn't met its potential. I want to sit inside Stephen Hawking's brain and see the energies coalesce and dissipate. I want to hold Time as a physical reality. Questions come into existence because the answers have already been floating around the Cosmos since before forever. Is each electron a memory chip? Seek the right question. Prepare the ground for the answer. And how?

in my step
to dig in the heel
and prepare
the ground
for flight
from the edge of the cliff
and how.

I feel a stillness
yet resonating
in the orbital centre 
an agitated electron
running pink to colourless
at titration point.

I know
I'm the dot
that makes the Universe
and in being so,
the Universe itself
like the Higgs' Boson
a microcosm of the Cosmos
many in each
and each being One.
do I explode in kinesis
and make a million galaxies
of me
with my wants,
and needless keeps
or feed the stupor
make it thick, viscous
and inwardly magnetic
to implode and cause
an infinite blackness
that envelops
all knowledge,
all need,
all cycles?

Searching for
the God Particle within
prepare the ground
for kinesis
in stupor,
for the electron
to jump an orbit
and become the nucleus
and for the dot
to become the unbound circle.


  1. I LOVE this! These are my thoughts! Imagine further if the atom that is this universe is a small unimportant part of a small unimportant part of something even bigger. Cool Dost! Or maybe we're just Mario Brothers of some sort, and some green guys are only on level one with us so far. xxx

  2. Connected by space we are, Jo. Those green guys are playing with my left and right ears right now, quite invisible to the world and guess what? They cry out ecstatically as they recognise you through the word-images you send across :) My happy, little transliterators!

  3. Oh my! Your blog post just rolled me back almost fifty years! Seven or eight of us lying on the grass in a circle, our bodies radiating from the centre where, propped on our elbows, we opened our imaginations and discussed all these things. Timeless!
    Thank you.

  4. Christine, it's a nice feeling to know that while time and distance separates people, ether keeps them together in one big bubble. And all thought, in form of energy permeates through layers of time :) Glad to read your comment. Thanks :)


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