Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pushing out the first

How do I feel right now? Sleepy-headed and wide, wide awake. The past two years running through my head in a funny, rodent sort of a way. My first novel just went live on amazon and kindle and now I don't know what to do. No, I mean, I know there's a lot  to be done in terms of showcasing, marketing and promotion etc. But I really am sitting in a void and watching things happening around me as if I belonged to another time-light plane right now. Is this what one calls- taking a breather. I'd rather make that a breezer. There's a porridge of thought in there....just one or two short of slush!

The baby that was conceived two years ago and went through endless months of labour pains(thanks to bad, baaaad mid-wives), has finally arrived. It is not born with a silver spoon in its mouth, but much-loved anyway. As I watched it grow in my belly, taking form through drafting, editing, formatting, page-setting, interior design, trim-size, cover design, cover photo, preview and finally pushing it through for the world to see, there's a sense of relieved happiness. A home-birth, I'd say is so much more involving as compared to the meticulous, yet robotic hands of a famous surgeon. All those with self-published books know what I mean ;) Yes, there's always a thought about getting the next one out in a fancy hospital, and that prized stamp on the birth-certificate, but the baby shall arrive to cuddling arms- hospital or no hospital!

I reached Chandigarh today, and between discussions of my impending surgery; I'm trying to keep an eye on this baby. It needs tender, loving care right now and I'm going to hold it up like a proud mamma. Counting my blessings and leaving it in the hands of well-wishers.

Do pop by for a peek at the little one : ) at

Cheers and clinks...

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