Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I do not take
either in heaven or hell
give Me less
or give Me more
but give it to Me well.

no shades of grey
My heart desires
no hues or tints galore
I look for pure
I seek the one
elemental act, J'adore.

if truth it is
then truth it be
no clauses
no fine print
if lie it be
then lie to Me
with passion
and, no guilt.

When I send out
a cosmic swirl
a blessing or a bane
it touches hearts
it purges souls
leaves no feelings inane.

I am your God
I do not judge
by all your standards fake
I love the ones
who soulful do
and half-paths do not take.


  1. Nice poem! Do you ever use a poetry workshopping website? I am on writewords and find it very helpful ( There are groups of around 20-30 writers and we comment on each others' poems and post challenges etc.

    Keep writing!

  2. Thanks, Jonathan. I haven't used one yet but from the sound of it, your suggestion seems very interesting. I shall hop by that website post-weekend, when I'm hung-over and poetically-oriented *giggle*. Thanks again for your time and appreciation.


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