Saturday, February 9, 2013

Of love and loving

This is something I wrote a long, long time ago....29th day of December 2001...on my first date with that man who I met on the train to Delhi.

I wonder why he still wanted to marry me...this should have been enough to scare him away :D

Anyway, putting this here just for the record:

There comes a time in every life
when dawn to dusk do take flight
the sun-kissed birds of love and joy
fall prey to a lurking serpent night...

...but life goes on from dusk to dawn
and who can turn the tide of time
the venom that the night did spawn
flows rarefied by the morning light.

Life has been an enriching journey so far; making me believe time and again, in miracles; and hope it continues to be so.

There's nothing more beautiful in this world than a heart full of love.

An added thought:

...and thereafter,
never did a day yet dawn,
nor fawn a purple night
your vision when it left the eye
sans amorous hope beside.

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  1. when the zoo-keeper is cynical of the night,
    I can well understand the tiger's plight


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