Friday, February 1, 2013

The Journey

Never thought I could
I did
When least thought I would
I hid
Broken, buffered, shaped and honed
By the very force
That bids all
to an ever-changing
breathing space
To find some form
To find a face
Hurtling self; I stopped
looked behind
Then shut my eyes and stared
At crevices bared
I carried on.
Then ripples in the water
The rise, the fall
However small
 Is disturbing
Leading out and away
I caused it all.
From within,
The gallant source
The quiet retreat
Is there a way
 To let me form
a stoic homeland steep?
As If at all!
Yet, I believe
And carry on.
The rise and fall
Works just one way
Carry on!
Change is good
And here to stay.

I continue to flail
My arms and self
Yearning to spread
The fire within
Out and away
To melt the seams
I know, see, realize-
Once in the watery works
 of life
At the foothills
that ebb and flow
Fall and grow
The self that makes me
The Me
In a sordid grey array
But oh, the water breaks it all-
The high, the low
The mountains tall
Carry on and away
I’m just a pebble anyway.

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