Sunday, February 17, 2013

The chase ( a view in the rear-view... )

in the raindrops
on the reflector
the speeding road
darts away from beneath
The sky ablaze
with violet 
and velvet
and an orgasmic Sun
come after me
Oh ! the chase, the chase

The drizzle on
the other side
of the divider
mute trees
and running through
a stranger too
jump into
the silver
up close and far
swerving and
but the Sun
in the mirror
closing in
the chase, the chase

Come, the circle
of people
and wheels
going unnoticed
the mutating sky
or love-making
wind and clouds
only seen
in the virtual fiery haze
the rush, the surge
ah! the chase, the chase.

Running amok
the blacks and whites
pebbles and grime
specking the Sun
not yet still
the convex view
leaving behind
the sultry prance
and advance
to the turn
a lost sojourn
The chase, the chase.

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