Thursday, February 14, 2013

I've been adulterated!

Confession time. I'm in a clandestine relationship. Have been for the past three years. It's unbelievable how innocently one falls for someone; and somebody as romantic as me, is almost always walking on slippery sands.

I'll tell you from the beginning. He steals you with a song. Actually, it all started with the singing. I met him in Switzerland when I walked into this shop and there he was whistling a tune. It was a split-second catch-you-in-the-eye kind of a contact and I knew, I'd fallen. But like a committed married person, I thwarted my attention to the other stuff. And he was no cheap stake either. Totally indulged me, the charmer that he was! Thank heavens, my spouse didn't notice those exchanges.

I thought that would be the briefest fling ever and I'd put it behind me. Hubby went out into the street with my daughter, leaving us alone, quite innocently. I tried to tame my beating heart and stepped out quite hastily but he called out to me, from that window. That was my undoing. Despite having harangued many a friend on the backlash of adultery; there I was, neck-deep in it and no where to run.

Throughout our holiday in Europe, I couldn't stop thinking about him and that song I'd heard. I may have even come to terms with it and later eulogised him somewhere in my poetry but things were not to end there. I returned to India and Glory-be-Thy-name, guess what happened? He followed!! Really!!!

He's settled 'nearabouts' now and we have these love moments when nobody is at home. I can't seem to help it. When I caress him lovingly, he sings out in pleasure. I waltz dreamily with his body rhythm. I chuckle as he chimes. If it is any vindication at all, I'll say we have a totally platonic relationship. Boring and incredible? But that's what most truths are nowadays. Seriously. There's nothing more than a snug, comforting hand-holding. Besides the occasional demand he makes of me to get going. Gooseflesh.

 Sigh, my darling Mr. Cuckoo Clock (lovingly called Cuckoo Sing(h)), I can't imagine a day without your happy song :) :) : )

And my dears, what a lark of a morning today! Before I get back to my darling Mr. Cuckoo, whose pendulum demands some winding up again (now get that silly smile off your face), would like to share something that I found in my old, old diary:

                                                   Fields of corn,
                                           like childhood friends,
                                      the breeze made gently sway.
                                      Little was the knowledge then,
                                             littler the gloomy day!

Have a happy day, m'dears


  1. You are a genius! You had me worried for a while, while oddly egging you on at the same time. LOL! Clock!!!

  2. Thanks Jo! I'm just an attention-seeker, like any other writer friend of mine ;D

  3. For I know you pretty well by now, I guessed it right in early 7-8 lines. Genius are you, so would I be here too;)). Oooo you so faithful wifey of your dear husband!!:))But very well written for creating some mystery for most!

    1. LOL Shivani, yes you do know me too well! Welcome to the genie(short for genius) club ;D


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