Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good News. Bad News.

Good news. Bad news.

Folks, I am on a see-saw ride. Have been all my life, but lately things have become kind of head-spinning swingy.

Let me begin by telling you the good news. We moved into a new city recently and left many wonderful memories and experiences behind in Mumbai. However, despite the best efforts of a few cynics, we managed a picture-pretty life here. The optimism helped tremendously and things started to happen , just the way I wanted them. Talk of self-hypnotism. Warm people, gorgeous traditional food and tolerable traffic. We knew we'd be O.K.
So, the exciting news came about ten days ago when I got a call from the Director of a theatre group to come and audition for an upcoming play. Yipeedoodah! Of course, I went somersaulting and landed myself a place amidst that wonderfully funny set of people, for a comedy to be staged in a premium club on 2nd March.

So far, so good. We had started rehearsing, waking up at 5: 30 a.m., driving through thunder-storms, chai-shai in the rain and happy flirting through rich baritones and squeaky laughter.

This went on for a week.

And then, kaboom! I woke up at 3:00 a.m. two days ago with a crippling pain in my abdomen. With a phenomenally high pain threshold, I would've just hobbled(the pain-dance) through it until it subsided and told my husband about it only in the morning. However, this one was an over-achiever. It made me wake him up and insisted that 'it' be taken to the hospital. After getting a pain-killer needled into my system, my cave-age stance didn't go away and we were told to get a few tests done. Later in the day, an ultrasound confirmed appendicitis.

Ha,ha and bah! that's the reaction it deserved. Now, on liquid diet and rest for ten days. This means no aerobics, no physical training and certainly no food frenzy ( actually, the third one is not so bad as I won't have to spend too much time cooking ). I'll have to go for an elective appendectomy, possibly next month, in order to avoid any kind of emergency which might occur in the future. Needless to say, I had to break-up with my new- found boyfriend--the Lucknow stage. And we didn't even get that last kiss : (

But; yes, there's a but here too; the happy and sunshine day that it is today, I'm back on my feet and already flirting with my all-time partner- the P.C. ;P Other than a few show-downs because of my disloyalty; when he chose to hang up on me (I told him how fulfilling the new i-phone was. That download didn't go down very well with him)or even packed up and threatened to leave me for good; he's been quite a doting mate : ). And even my partner-in-crime, sometimes.

Therefore, in the see-saw scheme of things, I guess I should be getting some good news pretty fast. Unless, 

what I 'saw' is what I shall 'see',
 which actually can't be,
coz the saw and the see,
in the cosmic spree,
can only last 
till see becomes saw
and saw becomes see.

Totally stupid. I know. If laughter is the best medicine, stupidity is the nurse.

Laters, my dears!


  1. Oh no Jas!!! I'm so sorry! How disappointing that must be! It's important to get your apendix out though. And be the love of your PC now, until the next bright light happy event comes along - it will! xxxxxxx

  2. Wish you a very quick recovery sweetheart. Hoping to see you catching up with all your activities and desires.

    1. And Shivani, if things do get worse, do document that dream I told you about two days before the hospital visit. You're the only one who knows it...LOL

  3. Thanks my darlings, Jo and Shivani. But I think my apocalypse has arrived. After showing off my comfort level in the previous posts, I have woken up to a maid-less household today. She's gone! Jo, I think I'll be able to write for that anthology, very passionately today ;D


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